This breathable fabric wraps the body shapes in a functional hug that cares for the skin. Its antibacterial, anti-irritant and water-absorbing properties make this refreshing fabric especially ideal for sensitive skin and sportswear. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, our micro tencel®️ fibres are produced in Austria: they are renewable wood-based fibres based on various tree species, including eucalyptus, spruce, pine, birch and beech.
Wood is a renewable raw material and, coming from sustainably managed forests, tencel®️ fibres have a low carbon footprint: the climate change impact of tencel®️ fibres is 60% lower than that of generic lyocell. The lyocell technology achieves a significant reduction in chemical use due to the conversion of cellulose to fibre through a closed-loop physical process, based on the solvent NMMO3, of which more than 99% is recovered and reused with near-zero emissions. Most of the non-cellulosic material generated during pulping is burned and used as bioenergy to run the pulp mill, and the cumulative energy demand of tencel®️ fibres is 50% lower than that of generic viscose fibres.
All these tree species are grown in natural forests and sustainably managed plantations, without the use of chemical fertilizers. Nearly 100% of the wood and pulp used to create tencel®️ fibres are FSC®️ or PEFC certified or controlled, and the fibres are fully biodegradable for subsoil and marine conditions, and are compostable.
No artificial irrigation is needed to grow the wood, and the water scarcity impact of these fibres is 1.7 times less than that of generic viscose fibres.

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